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Blackburn Video and Photography

Blackburn Video Production and Photography Services has actively served the CSRA and the surrounding areas since 1990.  We have provided the full spectrum of productions and photography services  for many venues for companies such as John Deere,  Eagle 1, EZ-GO, Richmond County Boards, Hitchcock Rehabilitation Training films,  Insignia Managements and much more to name a few.  However the majority of our services come from our creativity surrounding our weddings.   We have provided services for more than 600 brides and grooms within and outside of the state of Georgia. 

We are locally owned, operated and perform in house and not sub-contracted.  In addition our services are unique and highly competitive.  Our in house service of combined Video and Photography has a lot to do with how we have become the One Stop, Camera Shop.   We have a broad range of individual and combined photography and video services to suit your particular need. 

 Sometimes unforeseen stress and strain can overshadow the joy in trying to plan for that special day which is why we offer flexible payment options that are the same as cash on all of our services that can allow installments to be spread out over a extended period of time no matter how big or small.   This service has really helped so many of our Brides over the years not only with great service but great enthusiasm in doing so.  

Now with that said, drop us a call and stop by the One Stop, Camera Shop and take a trip to our exclusive trip to Wedding City.

Herman Maurice Blackburn Jr.


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